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 These teachings of yoga require zero experience or flexibility from the student. This is an alignment focused class to ensure students are learning how to be safe in their practice. I am a biomechanics nerd! I love alignment but the way I teach is done in a fun, experiential and mindful way with the breath at the heart of it all. How we breath matters and is the foundation of all I teach. As anxiety has gone up, we need these tools more than ever.  Students learn how to balance strength with flexibility so as we age, we become more flexible and gain strength and instead of folding into ourselves with hunched shoulders as we age, we continue to unfold ourselves to our fullest potential. I teach to the student's abilities and needs. This is NOT a hot yoga or workout style yoga but one which is founded on the principles of finding ease in movement. I specialize in working with bodies that have chronic pain. Everyone can decrease pain with the right application of yoga postures taught by someone with extensive knowledge of the indications and contraindications of yoga. 

I look forward to sharing my love of yoga and mindfulness practices with you.


"Adrienne Bergthold is a master yoga teacher, whose meticulous understanding of the body results in yoga classes that soften tissues and strengthen muscles like few other yoga practices I've encountered. When I come to her class with tight muscles, soreness and a foggy brain, I leave relaxed, pain free and clear headed." 
Joan Jacobson

"I have been practicing yoga for many years and I have never experienced a class like Adrienne's yoga class. I feel like I am getting stronger and more flexible but more than that, I feel like I am getting to know my body and how it works like never before. I feel healed after Adrienne's class and it's effects continue long after I have left class. I highly recommend her class to those who want a deeper understanding of the practice of yoga."
Valerie Wassman
       Baltimore Birth and Bodywork - Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation
  I was trained by Ganga White and Tracy Rich of White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, California. I completed comprehensive training in asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing exercises) and meditation/mindfulness practices. Meditation and working with the breath are the heart of all I teach. These practices offer us a pathway to greater health needed now more than ever. I studied yoga philosophy and successfully met the requirements for certification to teach. I have over 20 years of experience teaching yoga and have completed many hours in continuing education studying other types of movement and dance practices. I am grateful to share what I have learned so others may live in more peace and less pain in their body, this incredible container which acts as our home for life. Yoga is for all. All bodies of all ages, levels of experience, shapes and sizes and from all walks of life are welcomed and invited to learn more about this transformational practice. 
                                Can't wait to see you on the mat!
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