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Calm Birth Childbirth Educator
I am so excited to be able to share with parents how to bring calm into childbirth using the incredible mindfulness meditations and breathing practices of Calm Birth,  Please go to the Calm Birth website, click on the stories and read about baby Lucy Capri. Her mother is an RN who took my Calm Birth training and you can read all about her experience using the Calm Birth method.  Help your baby experience their birth in calm as you use the tools learned during class to bring calm into childbirth. This class will include coping techniques to learn how to deal with stress, anxieties or any fears one may have and positioning to help with an easier delivery while helping to maintain the integrity of the pelvic floor. Let's keep those pelvic floors healthy and strong! Classes and private instruction in the comfort of your home on hold or on Zoom. 

Baltimore Birth and Bodywork -  Doula and Birth Services
Birth services available include Calm Birth childbirth education to prepare new parents for pre conception, birth and parenting. Labor and childbirth doula services, post partum doula services and prenatal massage and prenatal yoga. I am excited to share years of birth experience and knowledge with parents so families can have a well prepared and calm birth experience. I will be there to help and guide you on this incredible path of pregnancy, birth and new parenthood. I work with and embrace all families of all cultural and religious backgrounds including our LBGTQ community. I can't wait to show you how to have an informed and empowering birth experience.  Whether at home or hospital, I will comfort, reassure and encourage you to find your way through your journey while supporting your birth choices. Your birth, your way. Always. Contact me to talk about your options. 
Labor and Birth Doula
It is my honor to serve families during one of the most intimate and transformative events of one's life, the birth of your child. I am a trained doula with over 20 years of experience helping people to have their best birth possible. I am here to help with all kinds of birth. Whether home birth or hospital, I can help families navigate the sometimes confusing roads of childbirth with ease. As a doula I support laboring people by giving massage when helpful, using proven coping strategies, helping with movement choices, calm breathing, laughing and crying together and  most importantly witnessing without judging your birth choices and helping to create a safe and calm space for parents to do their birth their way. You can also find more information about my birth services on Doula Match.  Find me under Adrienne Bergthold in the 21234 area code.  Contact me to find out how I can still support you through birth.

As your post partum doula I will help you in whatever way you ask and that includes lots of hugs and hand holding when needed and I have found it is often needed! I will support the new mother's needs which we will figure out together. Post partum doulas can help with meals, light housecleaning, holding baby so mom can shower, breast feeding support and more.  My oldest child is 33 years old and my youngest child is 18 years old and I tell you this because I want you to know you are working not only with a professional but a mom who has been though it, learned a lot and wants to help with what can sometimes be a challenging time for families.

TESTIMONIAL- "This was my 3rd birth and by far the absolute best. Adrienne was an amazing support. She worked with hospital staff to ensure my needs were met and my concerns heard. She helped my husband to feel comfortable and helped him to find his role during our birth experience. Adrienne was attentive without crowding and supportive without being bossy. She was everything we needed and more. We are so thankful and would emphatically recommend her again and again."  Nicole Colavito 

​                                       Contact Adrienne at 443-739-7683

 Prenatal massage and yoga
PREGNANCY MASSAGE- Promoting pregnancy wellness though massage. Studies indicate massage therapy during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains and improve labor outcomes and newborn health. Sometimes there is swelling during pregnancy and one of my specialties is Lymphatic Drainage Therapy or LDT.  LDT can help with one of pregnancy's most uncomfortable symptoms, swelling. 

TESTIMONIAL- "With strong hands, extensive knowledge of anatomy and a deep intuitive understanding of the pregnant body, Adrienne works miracles. I was able to more thoroughly enjoy my pregnancy after just a few sessions from her. The cherry on top was I didn't have to go anywhere-she worked her magic in the comfort of my own home."  Iris Kirsch

TESTIMONIAL- "Adrienne has done very good work with me around lymphatic drainage relating to very uncomfortable fluid retention during and after pregnancy. I always feel better after working with her." Robin Simmons

PRENATAL YOGA- Yoga helps to keep stress in check, helps to keep mom and baby healthy, helps expecting mothers prepare for labor, keeps you toned and helps moms to connect with their baby with a village of other moms preparing for their births as well. Private and group class available. 

TESTIMONIAL- "I signed up for pre-natal yoga when I was six months pregnant and it was the best decision I ever made. Adrienne is an excellent instructor and with her guidance I had less fatigue and more flexibility during my last trimester. I loved the class so much I signed up for all the sessions Adrienne was teaching up until my due date. I highly recommend prenatal yoga to all really does make a difference!"  Hope Winfield

                           No live classes at this time but for online instruction
                                      Contact me at 443-739-7683