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Out Call Massage Services
 As a yoga teacher and massage therapist of over 20 years,  I know how to help others help themselves with great results! I provide outcall massage services and will gladly come to your home or office saving you the drive!  My professional skills include:  Pregnancy massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Medical/Oncology and I also specialize in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, LDT. LDT works to help recirculate body fluids like lymph, stimulate the healthy function of the immune system and balance the autonomic nervous system for deep relaxation. This is excellent for any autoimmune conditions. It is especially helpful for those who have Lyme disease and it also reduces the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.  All sessions aim at reducing anxiety, stress, pain and tension while increasing one's mood and promoting positive body awareness, increased overall comfort and sense of well-being. I have been able to get results beyond my client's expectations.  Because I am a yoga teacher and student of body alignment I can teach my clients how to use yoga and awareness of movement in order to be able to  continue their healing process on their own.  I can't wait to show you how you can live in your body with more ease and joy! 

       For more information send an email or call me at 443-739-7683

​Baltimore Birth and Bodywork - Out Call Massage Services

At Baltimore Birth and Bodywork, I take care to provide my clients high quality services personalized for their individual needs. I was trained and graduated from the National Holistic Institute, NHI, in the San Francisco Bay Area.  NHI is one of the largest and most respected massage therapy schools in the world. I have over 25 years of experience in the massage field and have a strong background working within a clinical setting in hospitals providing massage for oncology, chronic pain patients and the seriously ill and dying (Hospice). I also specialize in pregnancy massage to help  with some of the common aches and pains which may occur during pregnancy and am highly skilled in many forms of deep tissue and therapeutic massage for athletes as well. If you are looking for one of the best massage experiences ever, you have found the right therapist right here today!



 "Adrienne is a gifted healer. I was introduced to her at a time I was in significant pain. Her compassion and knowledge of the art of massage makes her the top in her field. Each weekly session over the last decade has granted me sustained relief. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking the healing touch of a brilliant practitioner."  Folline Cullen

  "Adrienne is a true professional who offers a wonderful service. Her deep knowledge of the body and its mechanics make getting a massage from her truly a healthful and healing experience-plus you will feel amazing!" Colleen Magee

 "Adrienne's massages are absolutely incredible. She not only provides amazing relief by working out my many aches and pains, but also leaves me feeling wonderfully relaxed. She's also such a warm, kind, thoughtful person, always taking time to show me a stretch or yoga pose I could be doing to help relieve some of my tension. I really can't rave about her enough- she really is the best!" Stephanie Geller

 "A profound awareness of the body and a genuine sensitivity to MY body. One of the best massage experiences I've ever had."
John Huthkiss

 "The stretching of my legs, arms, fingers and toes and shoulder rotation felt especially good. I left feeling relaxed and during the night and upon awakening realized this was the first time I had ever been stretched so well. It must be Adrienne's deep understanding of the body and her knowledge of yoga that made this such a great massage. Thanks, Adrienne!"
Bert Simkin                        

                                "To touch is to be touched" - Stuart Heller

                  Please contact Adrienne at 443-739-7683 for more information.

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